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Power transformer

Power transformer 목록

Power transformer 목록
  • High frequency transformer
  • Transformer products used for high frequency power supply, such as Power Transformer, Inductor, Choke Coil, Line Filter, Reactor, Pluse Transformer The production supply of the product is developed in accordance with the circuit characteristics of the customer's set product and is a product of the order production.  
  • It is used to reduce conduction noise of high frequency part of input line of switching power supply and to reduce ripple noise of AC component of DC output stage. Such noise affects malfunction and operation performance of digital electronics and degrades power quality. The size and core material of the product are selected by the current and inductance values flowing in the line. The product type is divided into the common mode and the normal normal mode.  
  • It is a power transformer using circular directional core to minimize leakage flux generated when power is applied to reduce the loss of organic power and to reduce the weight of the product. It does not generate induced voltage in (coils, etc.), so it is used for power supply requiring precision and power supply requiring minimal power consumption. It is also widely used as an insulation transformer for audio medical equipment and measurement equipment.  
  • AC power transformer with iron core structure that can solve the noise problem in high frequency switching power supply as a commercial power supply transformer. It is widely used for home appliances and industrial use. There is a fixed product and the capacity of the product is 2VA ~ 5KVA.  
  • This is a power transformer used in the DC-DC conveter that is the internal power supply system of hybrid and electric vehicles. It is a center tap brige type product with frequency 100KHZ, input voltage 300VDC output voltage 14VDC and output capacity 1.8KW. Apply materials developed with materials with low rate of change of temperature against temperature rise, and perform epoxy bonding between cores after Z assembly as a countermeasure against property change by vibration.
  • AC iron core type high pressure leakage type transformer is used in ion generating device for static electricity elimination and uses leaking shant core of structure to increase coupling for lossless resonance due to leakage current. It is a lightweight product that can cope with high capacity and high voltage by developing winding method, winding insulation technology, and resin molding technology that does not damage insulation (output 7KV ~ 10KV capacity 35 ~ 50VA)  
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