CEO Greetings
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Dear Sirs,
I'm Bang, Jin-myung, the head of INC,

At INC, we have developed and manufacture various types of high quality
Commercial and Military standard connectors and EMI cable
assemblies, fulfilling requisitions and requirements to both military
equipment manufacturers, and civilian sectors.

Since 2005, we earned the reputation as the quickest delivery system in
Korea, focusing on price and quality. Currently our goal is to expand
our products to worldwide markets.

With the accumulated years of expertise of our staff, we constantly strive to
develop and bring new products from connectors to cable assemblies

Creativity, self-motivation, and the earned trust of our customers is the
growth engine we use to continuously offer better products, more
effective services and value. Our customer-oriented business
structure is aimed at building stronger customer relations.

Thank you for your visit to our website- we look forward to service your
connector and assembly needs.

Bang, Jin-myung
Head of INC