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New Product

I sincerely hope that you will no longer scratch, recover healthy skin, and be peaceful with your body and mind, and promise to do your best to develop an honest product.

  • [Dr. Fine Skin]
    PHYTONCIDE Moisturizing Lotion

    Moisturizing the itchy skin with dryness!

  • [Dr. Fine Skin]
    PHYTONCIDE Shaving Balm

    Men's pride! Clearly visible jaw line. Perfect shaving, and soothing skin

  • [Dr. Fine Skin]
    Burdock Root Shampoo Soap

    Containing 120,000ppm of burdock extract, good for scalp and hair root management!

  • [Rhodd 3821]
    3UP Refining Anti-wrinkle Serum

    More effective serum for sensitive skin! Functional serum effective for skin condition, brightening

Rhodd 3821

Whitening wrinkle improvement functional cosmetics
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